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Blog Archives

The Menopause Challenge – Breaking the Taboo in the Workplace

Having a successful career takes hard work, self-belief, determination, time and often sacrifices. Added to this, if you are a working woman you may have the stress of working through the life stages of periods, pregnancy and the dreaded menopause.Read more ›

Work place well being

Tips for a healthy, happy workplace. I’m all in favour of practice what you preach, and when it comes to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, I’m wholeheartedly committed to making the By Design Group a place to workRead more ›

Neuroplasticity (part 2 ) Increasing your brain’s Neuroplasticity: a 5 Step ‘HOW TO’ Guide

HR Solutions by Design Ltd’s associate Simon Anderson  writes the second part of our blog focus on Neuroplastcity, and this time we’re telling you ways to increase it. Click Here for our introduction to Neuroplasticity and how it increases the potentialRead more ›

Neuroplasticity (Part 1) Latest trends in brain health; increasing the potential for high performance in the work place

Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term referring to the ability of the brain to reorganise itself both functionally and physiologically. According to Sue Coyne, a highly successful leadership coach (and associate of The By Design Group) there is increasing and significantRead more ›

Introducing the Workplace Wellbeing Wheel: An Employer’s guide to keeping your workforce fit and healthy

As experts in employment law, employee relations and people management we often hear the words ‘mental health’ ‘sickness absence’ and ‘performance’ when tackling problems for our clients. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to be a conversation like this: “Our employees have excellentRead more ›

‘Should you be eating that?’ – 2 main reasons why employers should care about what their workforce eats

If you think nutrition doesn’t matter when driving performance, you only have to take a look at Jamie Oliver’s initiative in schools. He has been on a zealous quest for many years now to improve nutrition levels in the foodRead more ›

Stress in the workplace

Many thanks to our guest poster and associate Simon Anderson of Pro-Fit21 Limited for writing this article. Stress at work; it manifests itself differently in different people. Some people become ill. Others become aggressive and irascible. Some become tired andRead more ›